At we believe that retirement is the door to a whole new life! We don't believe that when we age we are no longer worthwhile but that we can offer society a great deal of experience and knowledge.

Of course old age doesn't come alone, it comes with an increasing number of ailments and sometimes it is difficult to motivate ourselves into keeping fit and healthy. At we have a wealth of ideas and practical tips to keep you healthy and active in your later years.

We can also offer practical advice when you are unwell, providing you with information regarding your local NHS services and the help you can get from your local authority. We offer financial advice with regard to what you may be entitled to in benefits or grants to help you in your home.

When we retire we have more time to enjoy ourselves. If you are thinking of taking a break or going on your dream holiday, contact us at for all of your travel requirements. We can help with arranging the best travel insurance deals and help you with any questions you may have about your planned trip.

If you or your partner becomes ill, then you will probably have many questions, such as where to get help, financial advice and what the condition can mean for you and your family. At we can provide expert advice and help you through this difficult time. We have experience in many conditions and can provide practical help and sympathetic advice to reassure you.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, mobility problems, arthritis or heart problems you can still enjoy your life and manage the condition and we can help you to still live a full life with advice from fellow suffers and tips on how to manage your illness.

Keeping fit when you retire is always a worry. You need to keep active but not overdo it. We can help with your fitness regime we have information on healthy eating, diet, exercise classes local gyms and walking clubs.

Keeping healthy is another worry and we can tell you what regular health check at the doctors you are entitled to and how to access local health services. We can also advise on private medical insurance and have links with BUPA, the UK's biggest private health provider.

Our legal experts can help with all of your legal queries, such as wills, power of attorney and in the sad event of losing a loved one will provide sympathetic advice on all of the legal processes.

It can be very confusing managing your money in this day and age and with energy prices rising and low interest rates it may seem that it are worse off when you should be enjoying your free time. At we can help you through the financial maze and offer advice on investments, insurance pensions and what grants or benefits you may be entitled to. 

With such a wide range of help and advice your first point of contact should be So contact now and start enjoying later life.


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My mother was diagnosed with the onset of dementia and I was so worried and wanted more information about the illness. I contacted and they were so friendly and helpful. They took the time to explain all about the illness and what help my mother could get. Thanks a lot ageconcernbrighton-hove!
Eve Parkin

I recently retired and was worried that without my daily routine I would become a couch potato. I wanted to find out about local clubs and activities that I could join to keep me fit. I went onto the ageconcernbrighton-hove website and their was so much information on active reitirement. I have now joined several clubs and met many new friends.
James Ingram
Retired corporate investigator

When my husband died I was berefit apart from the grief he had dealt with all our financial matters. I contacted ageconcernbrighton-hove and they explained what benefits and grants I was entitled to and reassured me that I was financially fine.
Eleanor King