Can you get equity release in Europe and Bulgeria?

Loans, mortgages and national development

One of the trickiest aspects of the economical development of a country is that in our capitalist system we need money to kickstart any process of growth or exploitation. One of the most frequent scenarios in areas that are under their economic potential is that they don't have the money they need to make more money. In such a case, loans appear as one possible solution for the dilemma. You add money to the equation, then withdraw it - plus interest to make the whole thing worth it for you - and as a result economy has been dynamized. Of course, there are other ways to promote growth by a money injection. Other forms of investments are possible, including third party investors, angel investors and even government investment. Donations and humanitary help are an option, but these actions are more frequently aimed towards satisfying basic needs and preventing sickness and death.

The possibility to access a loan in convenient terms is fundamental in most cases for the development of entrepreneurships, small companies and even whole areas or villages that might be struggling with their economical limitations and unability to exploit their resources to the maximum. Terms are not likely to be reasonable unless the Government intervenes with regulatory law, or at least there is enough competition in the market for lenders to try and make their offerings more convenient to their customers. Read More...

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My mother was diagnosed with the onset of dementia and I was so worried and wanted more information about the illness. I contacted and they were so friendly and helpful. They took the time to explain all about the illness and what help my mother could get. Thanks a lot ageconcernbrighton-hove!
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When my husband died I was berefit apart from the grief he had dealt with all our financial matters. I contacted ageconcernbrighton-hove and they explained what benefits and grants I was entitled to and reassured me that I was financially fine.
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